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Anime Foot-Prints

If you have any opinions that you want to voice that is anime/manga related email me and I will post it here!^.^Ok fan's comments will be in Blue while mine will be in Red!

Note to anyone who has a problem with slash- go here-http://sakurazukamori.net/popsickle/ and then just try to tell me what is so wrong with a sweet, loving relationship between two people who love and respect each other dearly.Yuki and To-ya are the best anime couple EVER!!!!

Comment by:KrazyKatLadie14...Anyways for anyone who doesnt know what slash is...{Like me} It is basically Yaoi and the people she is talking about are from Card Captors Sakura!=P

I think that,for all you DragonBallZ and DragonBallGT fanatics,that Goten and Marron{Krillin's Daughter} shoukd be a couple.In know that all you Goten & Bra and Marron & Ubuu or Marron & Trunks fans will argue till your blue in the face,but I still stand by this belief.They Should be together for the following reasons!:

1.) They are close in age.

2.) They'd look cute together.

3.)I'm sick of the Bra & Goten thing!{He's to old for Bra}

Comment by:Chibi18 ^-^...Ok I am a firm Bra & Goten surporter but I wont argue that much! ^0^! Anyways! Muwhahahahhahaa! I am a firm Inu-Yasha Me Couple surporter!