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Anime Foot-Prints

Want to marry your favorite anime honey?I know I do!Well now you can!


-Now if you want you can make a home for you and your lil' husband/wife! With a direct link next to your marriage license ^.^;;; Just complete the shrine and send me the link and you got yourself a dream home! XD!

-*NEW* Now can also have proof of your marriage with a lisence! {Please ask for this in you e-mail to me when asking to marry an anime dude/Dudette Makes it easier ^_^!}

Sample Marriage lisence

I know how annoying it is when you tell your friends that you like an anime hottie.They always say "you like a cartoon character!".Well there not any worse then some people's crushes on movie stars!Actually it's more probable for you to marry a anime dude then Freddie Prince Jr.{dont even say I like him he's just the first one that came to mind}So blah to all the people that have said that to anime lovers!Anyway's now your dreams can come true with your anime love triangle.

Inu Yasha is married to:Elandtra{me!=D}

Gohan is married to:Panra

*~*To Gohan and Panra's Pad*~*

CricketSong is married to her non-anime love: Elfdude

Vegeta is married to:Lady Raelyn

ChiChri is married to: PeiPei

Goten is married to:Chibi18

Sanosuke Sagara is married to : Lyz

Shinji is married to:KrazyKatLadie14

Tamahome is married to:BlackWolf

Van is married to : Bunny

Goku is married to : Angel

Ryoga is married to: Mallorie

Duo is married to: Nuku

Heero is married to : Relena

Tasuki is married to :Dragon No miko

Shessou-maru is married to : Kittie Hawkins

Deedlit is married to:Mouse

Gene Starwind is married to:Joanna

Folken Fanel is married to:Kami

Akane Tendo is married to:Razor

Ryoko is mareried to: KI

Ferio is married to:Mist Dragon

Squall is married to:Tifa

Cleo is married to:Orphen

Ren is married to:Luna

Quatre R. Winner is married to : Kitty Love {Sorry about the wait ^.^;;;}

Suzaku {Outlaw Star} is married to: Ratboy

Xellos is a personal man-servant to: Kumori

Trunks is married to: Jinzoninjen Nijuuichi-Gou

Tai is married to:Aiko

Kenshin Himura is married to: Silver Scarlet

Zazu is married to:Kahna

Tori is married to:Candy_Gurl

Yukito Tsukisiro is married to:Rachi-Chan

Kamui is married to:Anime103

Trowa Barton is married to:Kat

Eli is married to:Rarmorse {Card Captors}

Yu-gi is married to:Yumaya

Hotohori is married to:Karisana

Spike is married to:Bounoinbi

Eriol is married to: V-Chan

Syaron is married to: Rhea

Don't you go making googly eyes at my honey he's mine *snap snap* j/k I know everyone loves him ^^

Right now only a few are taken. So guys and gals get to e-mailing me and I will set you up for the world to see with your anime love! E-chan A.K.A:anime match-maker