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Top Anime/Manga
Anime Foot-Prints

Hey,I have had the idea of posting the top anime's or manga's each month here according to the really cool mag. Animerica!I think it is kinda cool to see the contrast between Japan's favorite stuff and my own countries favorite stuff!So here it is!:



1.) One Piece

2.) Meitantei Conan {Great Detective Conan}

3.) Hoshin Engi {"Immortal Theatre"}

4.) Shin Seiki Evangelion

5.) Peach Girl


1.)Gekijoban:Kido Senshi Gundam 1 {Mobile Suit Gundam The Movie 1}

2.)Gekijoban Kido Senshi Gundam 3 {Mobile Suit Gundam The Movie 3}

3.)Gekijoban Kido Senshi Gundam 2 {Mobile Suit Gundam The Movie 2}

4.) Fantasia 2000

5.) Yusha-O Gaogaigar Final



1.)Sailor Moon #29

2.)Oh My Goddess:The Secret Of Speed #2

3.)Dragon Ball Z Part 4 #4

4.)Blade Of The Immortal:The Gathering #13

5.) Dragon Ball Part3 #10


1.) Dragon Ball Z Great Saiya Man:Declaration

2.)Dragon Ball Z Great Saiya Man :Gohan's Secret

3.)Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin : The Motion Picture

4.)Dragon Ball Z Perfect Cell: 17S End

5.)Dragon Ball Z Perfect Cell: Hunt for 18

This will only be updated when I buy the coolest anime magazine Animerica...whitch will be monthly!