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Anime Foot-Prints

4-17-01 updated site to have more cool stuff.

4-18-01 Submitted my site to alot of anime links hopefully this will help more people to come! ^^ {feels like a virtual diary x.x;}

4-29-01 I added 2 new links and alot of sections!=D

5-01-01 I added 1 song to the song lyrics! {wohooo!go me}

5-4-01 -I put 8 new things in multi-media!!!{to much free time tsk tsk E-Chan!}

6-25-01 - Today I added so many new sections and updates you should go to every page!I guess I am pre-making up for when I go on vacation!

12-22-01 wow....I have completly forgot to update the update section!!!!!!!!!!!!><! How stupid eh? Anyways! I have been updating in small amounts! BUt since winters here I am going to be adding new sections and stuff! So anyways more will be up now!

I would like to update this site about once a week and so far I have! ^^