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Fun Stuff
Anime Foot-Prints

When I have a little more time I will add a Coloring Book,Crossword Puzzles,"How You Know Your Obsessed With...",and Love Charts.

I warn you I spell the "healer dude" Mitsukake,not Mitsukakae...Sorry for the issue.^^!

Fushigi Yugi


1.The evil bad guy of the series.

2.Mitsukake's cat

3.Suzaku Priestess

4.Seiryu's Priestess

5.Loves Miaka

6.Loves Yui



1.Tama-kins{nuriko's name for him}

2.Lekka Shien!

3.Tamahome's first obssession

4.A healer of many sorts

5.Tamahome without memories

6.god of the South

7.Miaka's lats name


Now, in the slots above, write your answers for each space you see in the puzzle. For the words Across, you should number from top to bottom; for words Down, you should number from left to right.
{sorry when making this I didnt know how to put those convient little numbers in ;-;}