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Online RPG!
Anime Foot-Prints

This is a coming soon attraction! But I will give you ppl the heads up!

Basically this will take place in the chat-room ^^That means there will be 10 rpg players.{the max for my chat room sadly ;-;}This will be both orginal charries and non-orginal ones.There will be no designated plot but we will try to stay -ic- {in character} This will take place in the chat-room once a week at a designated time.Most likely around 7:00pm eastern time to around 9:00pm on a sunday.In this time frame we will not allow anyone but the rpg players into the chatroom.This is an anime club privelage only!So anyone intrested join the anime club.And to anyone who wants to try to crash my little rpg I will boot you out ^^ with my handy dandy mokona and my admin powers! But I wont do that unless you start flooding reaptedly...I dont really care about anything else as long as you dont cuss alot or say anything that makes myself or anyone else un-comfortable ^^..Anyways this will be fun.If the rpg gang grows to large we will have to have more then one group ^^.Right now I am taking applications and such e.e; The neatest part is that I will make a special bio page for everyone in the rpg!nifty huh? Well get to e-mailing me so I cant start this little finasco!