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Anime Foot-Prints

Inu Yasha walking!

Anime Foot- Prints

AHHH! look it's Shin My Lavender Smurf ^.^;;

Well Do you?

Well thanks for dropping by my site I really appreciate it.All the pics here are here to be taken.If you want a fan-art it would be nice though to e-mail there owners. Otherwise there up for grabs! =D This site is still under construction so be patient I will try to get everything up as soon as I can. Thankyou, E-chan


-Inu Yasha
-Fushigi Yugi
-Ayashi No Ceres
-Tenchi Muyo
-Tenchi Universe
-Princess Mononoke
-Outlaw Star
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Maison Ikkoku
-El Hazard
-Record Of Lodoss War
-Vampire Princess Miyu
-Ah my goddess
-Ranma 1/2
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-3x3 Eyes
-Urusei Yatsura

***Anything New?***

*NEW!* CHECK OUT the marriage section for some new abilities!


*NEW!* Fanfiction!

*NEW!* Pocket Bishonen in the adoptees section!XD

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