Even More Bisshies!XD
Pocket Bishonen

WELCOME! To my Bishonen paradise! Here is a place where my personal favorite bisshies run free for the exhibit of my site surfers! Take a look but! Don't feed the bisshies!

My bisshie Ascot!

My bisshie Carrot {Socerer Hunters}

My bisshie Chi-Chiri! {Fushigi Yugi}

My bisshie Eagle {Rayearth}

My bisshie Eagle! {Rayearth}

My bisshie Fluffy! I mean Shesshoumaru!{Inu Yasha}

My bisshie Goten! {DBGT!}

My bisshie Hojo! {Inu Yasha}

My bisshie Hotohori! {Fushigi Yugi}

This is my bisshie Human InuYasha! {Inu Yasha}

This is my bisshie Kira! {Angel Sanctuary!}