Happy New Years!

The twenty year old blonde, was wearing a bluejean hat with her hair let down. Her light blue eyes highlighted her pink top and black capris. She flew through the air towards the Son house. "I'm glad Otousan taught me how to fly for my birthday." she smiled.
She was there in no time. She walked up to the door and knocked. The door opened to reveal a black haired lady wearing a purple kimono, "Oh hi Marron, if you are looking for Goten he is fishing with Gohan."
"Arigatou, Chichi." Marron smiled.
"You're welcome, I guess I'll be seeing you later tonight."
"Hai, you bet, I wouldn't miss out on your great cooking, or the great party. I think otousan and okaasan are coming to visit before the party." Marron beamed.

"Look, Goten, it's Marron." Gohan said.
Goten smiled as Marron landed right next to Gohan. He felt a big tug on his fishingpole, and being caught offguard he was pulled into the pond. Marron giggled as Goten sat up, soaking wet. Gohan extended his hand to help Goten out of the water. Goten grabbed his brother's hand and got out of the water. He smiled at Marron as he took of his shirt and ringed out the water. "So, Marron, you ready for the new year?" Goten asked.
"Not really. I don't want to go back to college." Marron sighed.
"Heh, me neither. Too many boring lectures." Goten laughed.
"Hey I' have to go home and get ready for the party. I'll see you two later." Gohan smiled.
"Ja ne, Gohan-chan." Marron smiled.
"Ja." he replied lifting off the ground.

"Hey Marron can you wait here for about fivie minutes while I go home? I need to change and I have something for you."
"Sure Goten-chan." she said, sitting down on the grass.
"Ok I'll be right back." he said waving to her.

Marron laid in the grass and looked up in the sky watching the clouds go by. "Where the heck did he go he said five minutes. It's been fifteen." she sat up.
Two minutes later, she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around, "I'm back." Goten said with on hand behind his back. "Here this is your late Christmas present." He handed her a small box wraped in shinny blue paper.
She carfully unrapped the present. Her eyes light up when she pulled the top off of the box. She picked up a gold bracelet that had her and Goten's inicials on it. "Goten! It's gorgious!" Marron squealed throwing her arms around him. "Domo arigatou."
Goten smiled down at her. He hugged her close, "You're welcome."
Goten let Marron go. She place the braclet around her wrist and fastened it. She examined it closely, "Oh, yeah I almost forgot," Marron pulled a small box out of her back pocket, "this is for you."
He opened the box, and pulled out two tickets to a dinner theater. "Oh, uh, yeah thanks Marron."
"Goten, you could be a little more apreciative. I got those for us to go out to a nice resterant. This time you will not eat everything on the menu. But that's not all that's in there."
He pulled out another small item. "I remember this." he smiled looking at a picture of him and Melany. He missed her so bad. "Domo arigatou, Marron-chan." he said hugging her once again. A few tears feel down his face. "I love it. This is a very special gift. Even though it didn't cost anything."
Marron blushed. "I know how much you loved Melany, I did too. She was like my big sister, always looking out for me.... I wish she didn't die. I wish you two were still together."
"That's ok. I loved her. I still do, but she told me to move on and not to live in the past. That's why we are together." he smiled.
Marron wiped away his tears. "Hai, I know. Well, look at the time. It's almost 8:00pm, I think it's about time we head over to Capsule Corp." she said lifting herself in the air. She flew up a few feet and turned around to see Goten stil on the ground, "C'mon." she said taking his hand.

*At Capsule Corp.*

"C'mon, Trunks it's just one dance!" Pan pleeded.
"No, I ... I uhh... I just ate." Trunks stated.
"So, that doesn't matter. Let's dance."
" I can't-er....I can't hear any music." Trunks said nervously.
Mirai Trunks walked over to him and wispered in his ear, "You, can dance. It's easy. I was you, well, your age, you know what I mean. I know how you feel. I was nervous when I was first asked to dance."
Trunks laughed, "Ok, but if I embarrass myself it's your fault."
"Well, hey you would not be the only one embarrassed now. Would you?"
"I guess not." Trunks smiled to *himself* (his future self, haha)
"Trunks-chan, let's dance." Trixie smiled.
" Ok, be right there."
"Come on, Pan, I'll dance with you." the young lavender haired half-saiyan said.
"Thanks." she replied taking his hand and placing a hand on his shoulder.

*a few minutes later*

"Look nii-chan, it's Marron, and Goten." Bra said tapping Trunks' shoulder.
"Konnichiwa, Trunks, Pan, Bra!" Marron and Goten greeted.
"Hey, Goten-chan." Bra said kissing him gently on the cheeck.
"Hey, Marron-chan." Trunks said doing the same.
"Hi, Panny." Goten smiled at his neice.
"Uncle Goten, I'm to old for you to call me that." Pan fused.
"No you're not. In about two years you will."
"So, Bra, where's your new boyfriend?" Marron asked.
"Over there." Bra replied pointing to a hot guy standing next to the punch table.
Marron starred at the hottie for several minutes when.... "Ow!!!!!!! What did you do that for?"
"You were, drooling over my man."
"Oh right." Marron blushed from embarrassment.
"Hey, Pencil, come here." Bra ordered.
"Coming, my little bikini top (*starts cracking up I think this is funny*)." he said walking over to Bra.
"This is Sharpener and Eraser's son, Pencil." Bra gleamed.
Marron laened over and wispered to Goten, "Who, what kind of name is that?"
Trying to keep from falling on the ground in laughter he replied, "I...don't.....know..... HAHAHAHAHA."
Marron nearly had a heart attack and fell over on the ground. "Marron, are you all right." Pan asked helping her up.
"Yeah I'm fine."
"What's so funny?" Pencil asked.
"Y...y....y.....you...your n.....n......n.....na...name." Goten laughed.
Smacking him in the back of the head, Bra yelled, "GOTEN you BAKA don't insult my DATE!!!!!!!! C'mon Pencil let's go somewhere where no one can bother us."
"Sure." Pencil agreed following Bra into the house.
"There she goes again." Trunks said shamefully.
"So we gonna dance or what?" Goten asked finally calmed down.
Pan, Trunks, and Marron all face faulted. "Sure." Marron nodded.

*A few songs later*
"I'm getting tired Pan-chan, let's rest."
"After this song Trunks, I really like it."
"Ok, just this one then I'm tired."
"Ok. Let's see if you can keep up."
*Music in background is very fast beat*
"WOAH, Pan-chan not so fas-----"
"Uh oh." Trunks sighed, "I'm in trouble."

"Where's that Brat of mine? He's dead." Vegeta yelled, red punch dripping down his face and onto his white shirt.
"Uh....Pan-chan I think we'd better get out of here and come back later." Trunks said picking her up and flying off.
"Later, Goten. Later Marron-chan." Trunks said.
"Later, bro." Goten laughed.

"What?!" Bulma yelled.
"But, Okaasan, I can explain."
"No, Bra, I don't think you can. Get out there and appologize to Chichi."
"Oh ok."

"Sean, what are you doing?"
"Because, it's fun."
"Oh can I color too."
"Sure, Shawna."

"You are beautiful tonight."
"You say that to me every night."
"Oh yeah."
"Trunks, you're too much."

"Trunks-chan, let's go back to the party it's almost midnight."
"Ok, Pan-chan."
"I'm tired."
"I'll carry you."

"Goten, I....I...Love.....you."
"Me too Marron, me too."
*get's googly heart eyes, how romantic.*

"Mrs. Chichi I'm sorry I put alcohol in your drink."
"Don't talk so loud, Bra I've a headache. Goku I want to go home."
"Ok, Chichi, I'll carry you home." he wispered.

"Woman!! Bring me a coke."
"Say please."
"Forget it, Bulma, I'll get my own."
"Go ahead, Veggie."

"Pan, Trunks. You're back."
"Hai, Goten, Marron, we couldn't miss the party."

"Go 18, beat Hercule."
"VIDEL! You are suppose to cheer for me."
"Oh. Go 18!"
" *Blink Blink* Darn I lost, again."
"Pay it up, I believe that's 700 zeni."
"Go 18 you still haven't lost your touch."
"Thanks Krillin-san."

"Come on everyone it's time to count down." Bulma said.
Everyone get's around Bulma and begin to count down, "Five, four, three, two, one ...... Happy New Years."
"Hey minna may I have your attention?" Goten asked getting up onstage.
Everyone turned to look at Goten. "Go ahead, bro you can do it." Trunks cheered.
Goten gently pulled Marron onstage, "Marron will you marry me?"
Everyone said, "Awwwww."
Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Go, Goten." Trunks smiled.
"Marron, accept, accept." Pan cheered.
Marron closed her eyes, "Hai, Son Goten, I'll marry you."

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ only own Pencil, Sean, Shawna, Trixie. Don't shoot or sue me please later. This was only made for fan enjoyment