A Short Story That Raises Some...Intresting Questions

One fine day Goku left the Son household to "run some errands"and had'nt returned 5 hours later ,so Gohan, Goten, and Chi-Chi went looking for him.As they came into the town, Gohan and Goten felt their father's Ki coming form a bar across the street. "Oh my God! "Gohan said as he took a closer look" ."That's a gay bar! What's dad doing in a gay bar? ! "Goten shrugged. "I don't know, "he said" Maybe he went in there by mistake"Gohan and Goten ran across the street and into the bar. "No, wait?" Chi-Chi yelled as they went in. Then she groaned and followed them reluctantly. When she entered the bar Gohan and Goten were walking over to where Goku was sitting and talking to Mr.Satan. "UmDad?" said Goten. "Why are you in a gay bar?." " Oh, Did'nt you know?" said Goku "I'm gay. I've always BEEN gay. Why do you think I kept trying to let the bad-guys live?""Uh,well,If you're gay, how did we get here?" said Gohan. "I never did figure that out, "Goku said as he looked at Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi began to look extremely uncomfortable. Gohan and Goten looked at each other and turned extremely pale. "Mom"they said.~*~3 Days later at Capsule Corp~*~ Vegeta was reading the tabloids"Damn that woman, "he said as he looked at the front page picture of Chi-Chi crying in front of a gay bar. "She let out our secret." The End(hopefully^.^}